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Clizbeats Productions Presents “All About ‘Almost Alice'”

"Almost Alice" Album-Soundtrack to Disney's Alice In Wonderland 2010

"Almost Alice" Album-Soundtrack to Disney's Alice In Wonderland 2010

Walt Disney Records was kind enough to round up some of the artists who are featured on the soundtrack to Walt Disney Pictures’s 2010 “Alice In Wonderland”, Almost Alice  The following is a compilation of conversations with various artists Disney put together for us. Take a look and enjoy! Almost Alice is the Pop/Rock version of the soundtrack with an aditional score soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman. Almost Alice  is in stores on March 2nd, 2010 via Buena Vista/Walt Disney Records/Disney Music Group

MARK HOPPUS – “In Transit”

“I have been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland my entire life, so much so that Blink-182 named our first album “Cheshire Cat.”  Tim Burton is an absolute hero of mine and when I first heard about this project, his participation and Johnny Depp playing the part of the Mad Hatter, I was excited beyond words.  To be a part of this film by having a song on the “Almost Alice” album, I feel like I can check a life goal off of my list!”

 SHINEDOWN – Brent Smith – “Her Name Is Alice”
“Lewis Carroll wrote, in our opinion, one of the most imaginative pieces of literature ever published (Alice in Wonderland). He created a world of pure beauty and chaos all wrapped up into story of nonsense that, oddly enough, makes total sense.  ‘Her Name Is Alice’ was an honor to write as it expresses how the story and the movie inspired us to create the song. Imagination is a powerful thing and we think that everyone should dream a little bit more and stare through their own looking glass…..just like Alice.”

 OWL CITY – Adam Young – “The Technicolor Phase”

 “I’ve always loved the quirky, imaginative vibe of Alice in Wonderland because it’s so expressive and colorful. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be a part of recreating such a timeless classic.”


3OH!3 – Nat Motte– “Follow Me Down”

 “Let us see… sometimes everyone eats a little cake and thinks about growing up. We were decidedly late in the making, but running in circles posed no problem. We kept our heads and managed to keep our heads on…firmly and positively on. Did we finish our conversation?”

 ALL TIME LOW – Alex Gaskarth – “Painting Flowers”

“”Painting Flowers” is a song inspired by the story’s exploration of blind faith, a concept made most prominent in the exchanges between the Queen of Hearts and the playing cards who serve under her. The cards fear her wrath, and bend to her will unquestioningly, portrayed in the original Disney film’s song, “Painting the Roses Red”. We revisited that concept, and its application to real life in “Painting Flowers,” — a song about coming to terms with, and finding comfort in your own spirituality.”
PLAIN WHITE Ts – Tom Higgenson – “Welcome to Mystery”

 “The day before I found out about “Almost Alice,” I had just finished this very trippy, haunting song in my hotel room. It’s all about using your imagination to run away from life to a new town that you create in your mind. Tim Burton has always been one of my favorite directors, and I thought the song fit the theme of the movie perfectly!”


METRO STATION – Mason Musso – “Where’s My Angel”

 “Growing up, Alice in Wonderland was a movie I would put on and it would always spark my imagination and creativity. Being a huge Tim Burton fan I can’t wait to see his spin on such a great classic. I am so excited and honored to be a part of it.”



 “The first time I heard Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, I was transfixed.  The recording is the perfect manifestation of rock n’ roll and fantasy, storytelling and musicianship. It’s stirring from 

the inside out. My band, The Nocturnals, actually learned the song last year for a documentary about Woodstock and we’ve played it live ever since. I watched Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (the classic cartoon) as a kid and I always loved it, but when I heard they were remaking it I was out of my skin. I saw the preview in 3D and almost spilled my drink! Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is one of the only books I ever read more than once. We were in the studio 

making our new album and Bob Cavallo, being a classic rock junkie, suggested that we put it in the can just for kicks, so we recorded it in 1 take. Tim Burton’s vision is so wonderfully skewed, I wanted to bring that same energy to the track (which might explain the creepy backwards piano and eerie laughter).  I am so honored to be a part of this compilation. One of my ultimate fantasies has come to life!”


THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS – John Flansburgh – iTunes Exclusive – “You Are Old, Father William”

 “Like half the people in the world and probably everyone on this album, I grew up deeply involved with the story of Alice in Wonderland, and we always intrigued by the poem Alice recited to the 

caterpillar. “You Are Old, Father William” was a brilliant introduction to the world of fantasy and absurdism. When we were approached about the album it was an obvious choice to turn that verse  into a song. The only alteration we did was repeat the line “You are old!” which seemed in keeping with the spirit of the story.”

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