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Clizbeats Featured Artist Charice Comes Out With Tears Of Joy

Charice Comes Out On Pilipino TV

Charice Comes Out On Pilipino TV

Clizbeats Featured Artist Charice came out this week. This past Saturday night the Oprah endorsed singer went on Pilipino television and said, “Yes, I am a lesbian.” The emotional interview revealed that the singer is experiencing a newly found relief and personal fulfillment.

“Now I feel free,” she explained while in tears. “I can go out of the house without fear and certain that I’m not stepping on anybody’s toe.”

Unfortunately the admission of her sexual orientation has created a void between her and her family.  Charice went on to add that she is currently estranged from her mother and grandmother.  Her fans, who we were even boosted by for supporting Charice’s music here in the states back in 2010, remain just as loyal to her as they ever were. In reaction she gave the sincere thanks that we remember and always appreciated.

“But to those who can accept me, thank you very much,” Charice said. “We are all equal, whether you are gay or straight.”

Our hearts go out to Charice during this major time in her life. We’re happy she found personal fulfillment, and wish her happiness in this new chapter.  Although we’ve only met a couple of times, she was always very appreciative and giving of her time and talent when dealing  with us. We wish her many continued blessings in this time of transition. God bless!

Watch the Clizbeats original production of her remarkable story below.

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