Breaking News News Beat: Jojo Is Free! A Pop Star’s Journey To New Beginnings


Pop/R&B singer Jojo was in the news recently when the Los Angeles Times exclusively reported the news of her signing with Atlantic Records. This new record deal for Jojo came after a very public seven year battle with her previous record label Blackground, Records, which prevented the release of her third album many times. The new deal with Atlantic will finally allow her to deliver the album that her fans have been patiently waiting for! This good news inspired us to share one of our favorite interviews with you.

We were honored to get the chance to sit down and chat with, her in a detailed interview about her career.  In that conversation Jojo talks about her early massive success as a child star, as well as how her music has matured while growing into the woman she is today..

Editor’s Note: We were intending to produce and release this interview for quite some time. It originally was intended to promote Jojo’s third album, when it had the working title, “Jumping Trains.” However, when the project was shelved due to record label issues, it was hard to tell if there ever was going to be a third album to promote and complete the story in the interview. Now that Jojo will be beginning a new chapter in her career with Atlantic Records, we saw it as the perfect time to complete our production. We look forward to seeing what Jojo has in store for us all with this new opportunity! We hope this interview reminds Jojo fans old and new of her awesome talent, and catches them up with everything she has been working on to help get her to where she is now.  Shout out to all the fans who were part of the #FreeJojo Movement! This one is for you! Please share the interview and celebrate, because #JOJOISFREE!! Good luck Jojo!!

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Special Thanks: Jojo, Christine Wolf, Katie Gallagher, And Interscope Records

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