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Christ Brown In Court And It’s Good News!

Chris Brown

The Chris Brown legal saga continues. The continuously controversial R&B/Pop star was in court yesterday for a follow up on his community service that stems back to his infamous Rihanna beating case of 2009, and it looks like this time he actually got some good news.  TMZ reports that although he violated probation because of a speeding ticket, Chris was complimented for making great personal improvements, and is on his way to completing said community service.

Chris’s therapist raved about his progress, saying that he’s following his recommended medication management. Recognizing that progress, Brown agreed to up his community service to 4 days a week so that he would be finished with it by January. It equals out to being a day short of a full time job, but its nice to be able to report that he’s stepping up! Congrats on the progress Chris.