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Chris Rene Debut’s Heart Warming Music Video For “Young Homie”

Chris Rene

Chris Rene

In the over flow of today’s reality competition shows like X Factor, The Voice, and American Idol, the American public has watched several aspiring singers step into the spotlight to take their shot at stardom. It is because of that intense level of competition, that only a lucky few have what it takes to make a sincere impression on the world. Chris Rene is one of those people.

X Factor fans will remember Chris Rene as the reformed drug addict who returned to his love of singing as a source for salvation and a better life.  The show’s judges will probably always remember Chris for the fact that, not only did he use his national X Factor audition as an opportunity to take a risk and perform his original song “Young Homie”, but by him doing so with such passion he unexpectedly helped his chances and heartwarmingly stood out from the crowd.  Well, now that “Young Homie”has won over X Factor’s judges,Chris is ready to win over music fans everywhere.

Thanks to his involvement with X Factor, Chris is now freshly signed to Syco/Epic Records with the enthusiastic and influential endorsement of veteran record executives and X Factor Judges, Antonio “LA” Reid and Simon Cowell.  Eager to enhance the already fantastic momentum  of “Young Homie”‘s X Factor launch, Chris was teamed up with superstar record producer JR Rotem to create a slicked, more full length studio version of his now signature song.  The song is uplifting, its new music video does nothing but compliments it,  and his story is nothing short of inspiring.  We are very happy to show Chris the support he very much deserves.

We embedded his moving X Factor audition below incase you missed it.  Check it out.  We doubt you’ll be disappointed. When you’re done enjoying that, be sure to check out the recently released “Young Homie” music video.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on when Chris’ yet to be named album is ready for release.

Chris Rene’s memorable audition for X Factor


Chris Rene

“Young Homie”

Syco/Epic Record