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Chris Brown Fires Off With Rihanna Diss In Viral Free Style

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is making major headlines today for viral dissing record about his high profile Pop star ex girlfriend, Rihanna. The song that is turning heads all across the web is simply called  “Chris Brown Theraflu (Freestyle)”.  For some reason, Brown goes right at Rihanna by implying with very explicit words that Rihanna is willing to or has had sex with many men in the music industry.  Brown’s Freestyle is as follows:

“Don’t f*ck with my old bitches … like a bad fur … every industry n*gga done had her.”

He then went on to include:

“Trick or treat like a pumpkin … just to smash her.”

TMZ is reporting that the two unfollowed eachother on Twitter, and neither stars’ reps have had any comment.  We don’t know what inspired Chris to say these things seemingly out of nowhere.  Maybe we’ll all find out in the near future?

Either way, we would like to see the two of them  put this ugliness behind them.  Hopefully they’ll work through the issues that are at the root of this diss record, and enjoy the remarkable lives that they do have.  If you’re interested to hear Chris’ musical attack we’ve embedded it below.  We wish them both well in finding happiness away from this ugliness.

“Chris Brown Theraflu (Freestyle)” (Explicit lyrics)