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Check Out The Star Wars Biggie Mashup “Life After Death Star”

“Life After Death Star” Album art

Are you a Gangsta Rap fan who also loves science fiction? If so, it is imperative that you check out Life After Death Star, a mashup that blends classics from the Notorious B.I.G with John Williams’ score for Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. Rapper Richie Branson and producer Solar Slim are credited with giving key tracks from Biggie’s Life After Death, and ReadyTo Die albums, (which also include standouts from Puff Daddy’s No Way Out album, Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt album, and the Who Is The Man Soundtrack) the intergalactic favor that have many saying that it rivals mashup genre leaders like Danger Mouse and his famed 2004 Beatles/Jay-Z blend, The Grey Album.

Will this be the soundtrack to your Force Awakens pre-gaming? Take a listen and see what you think. Please note all tracks contain explicit lyrics. Enjoy!


Life After Death Star (Explicit lyrics)