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16-year old California-based singer and song­­writer Olivia O’Brien shakes up the status quo once again with “Root Beer Float,” her brand new single on Island Records, out now everywhere.

“Root Beer Float” featuring blackbear follows up “Trust Issues,” Olivia’s Island Records debut released in July.  “Trust Issues” built on the momentum of her worldwide smash collaboration with gnash on the RIAA gold hit, “i hate u, i love u,” which has generated over 300+ million Spotify streams, and whose video, in which Olivia is featured, has massed over 109 million YouTube views since its premiere in March.


Olivia on collaborating with blackbear:

“I’ve been a big fan of blackbear for a long time and working with him was a dream come true.  I had so much fun in the studio when we made this song… in fact, all of the laughs and clips of me talking were things I said to bear when I was in the booth that were recorded in between takes.  Keeping those in added a certain realness that you can’t fake, which is part of what makes it such a fun song.  I think it’s definitely different from what people were expecting of me, but it is a great combination of both my and blackbear’s music.”

“Root Beer Float,” like “Trust Issues” before it, shows off the lyrical maturity that was first exposed to millions of new fans on “i hate u, i love u” which gnash and Olivia performed together on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers in late July.  Olivia will join gnashagain to perform the hit single on NBC’s TODAY Show on Monday, September 19th.  (“Trust Issues” was premiered three weeks later by Complex, who raved, “She’s proving to be a name on the rise… ‘Trust Issues’ serves to be a powerful track for the youth.”)

Olivia, who masterminded “i hate u, i love u,” wrote the lyrics in her bedroom when she was 15.  Born in Los Angeles and raised in Napa Valley, Olivia has been singing and writing songs since she was seven years old and taught herself to play both the guitar and piano.  She began posting her original songs on SoundCloud for fun, not thinking anything would come of it, until gnash reached out on Twitter last year after she posted a cover of one of his songs.  When he asked her if she had any original material, Olivia sent him a voice-note of the beginnings of “i hate u, i love u” and he invited her down to L.A. to record.  Since then, the song has sold over a half-million singles and hit Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

            “It completely changed my life,” says Olivia, who is now writing and recording new songs with the goal of “creating music that people can identify with and enjoy.  I’m looking forward to releasing more music and showing who I am as an artist and songwriter.