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Charli XCX and Rita Ora Take On The World In Sexy New “Doing It” Music Video

Charli XCX Featuring Rita Ora “Doing It” Neon Gold/Asylum/Atlantic Records

It looks like Charli XCX has another future hit on her hands from her album Sucker…well sort of. Yesterday, Charli released the sexy new video for a new version of her song “Doing It..” That new version features new vocals from Roc Nation pop star/actress, Rita Ora. Rita has been a fan and supporter of Charli’s for quite some time now. She has also made it clear that she was a huge fan of her song “Doing It”, and was vocal about wanting to record it. On Air with Ryan Seacrest recently got the scoop from Charli about Rita’s excitement for the song.

“I played Rita ‘Doing It’ actually quite a long time ago and she hassled me for ages about giving her that song and I kept saying no. Then I just kind of realized maybe we could do it together and maybe that would make it cooler, and when I let her know she was very excited about that. It’s another girl power song about being with your friends at a party — very innocent, which is kind of funny coming from me and her.”

“Doing It” can be found on Charli’s album, Sucker, there is just one problem, it was already released in December, which means the album version is just Charli’s solo performance. However Charli’s European fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because even though they have had to wait for months, the European release of Sucker was delayed once again just so Charli could include the new “Doing It” remix. Sucker will be released in various European countries throughout various release dates in February. The “Doing It” remix featuring Rita Ora will be released on iTunes in the United States on February 8th.

Charli XCX Featuring Rita Ora

“Doing It”

Neon Gold/Asylum/Atlantic Records