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Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park ‘Made It’ Apr 29, 2008

Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park 'Made It' Apr 29, 2008

Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park 'Made It' Apr 29, 2008

Busta Rhymes is set to release his latest project I’m Blessed via Aftermath/Interscope Records. The new album. After being pushed back from its original release date of Decemeber 4th, 2007, the album has gone through many changes. The set is now called “I’m Blessed”, while originally intended to be called. When Hell Freezes Over. The first single was also changed from “Watch Ya Mouth” to the banger “Don’t Touch Me.” Even though Busta had to wait for his album to be released, it seems like time is now on his side. The time allowed Busta to collect the some of the best producers and guest artists to make one of the more interesting Busta Rhymes projects in years. The most interesting of all probably would be his recent collaboration with Linkin Park on “We Made It.” The hot Rap/Rock blending song was produced by Mike Schinoda, Timbaland and Cool & Dre. It is currently the most high profile single to promote the album. The video for the song is being premiered today on BET and Yahoo Music. The video has already been getting a great deal of buzz online, we will have to see how well the single does when released to radio and ITunes. Away from Busta’s collaboration with Linkin Park others on the album include production by Eminem, P. Diddy & The Hitmen, The RZA, Pharrell Williams, (The Neptunes) Swizz Beatz and others. Busta has recently confirmed that the guests on his album include Mary J. Blige, Common, T.I., Akon, Jamie Foxx and more! The buzz off I’m Blessed is getting bigger as his song with Linkin Park grows in performance in the media, hopefully the album will live up to the hype. Busta Rhymes Featuring Linkin Park “We Made It”

(Aftermath/Interscope Records)