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Britney Spears Video Premiere “I Wanna Go”

Britney Spears "I Wanna Go" Jive Records/JLG

Britney Spears "I Wanna Go" Jive Records/JLG

Today Britney Spears premieres the third music video from her latest album, Femme Fatale. the video is for the Max Martin and Shellback produced Dance song, “I Wanna Go”. In the Chris Marrs Piliero directed video, Britney is seen fleeing from the press, paparazzi and police in a campy fashion. There are also many different film/pop culture references.

The video features a cameo from actor, Guillermo Díaz, who she quotes from his role as “Scarface” in the 1998 film Half Baked.  The majorirty of the video is filmed on what is made to look obvious to be a Hollywood movie set in a fantasy dream sequence.  On that set there is a theatre that has  a marquee that reads “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder.”  This is a refrence to Britney’s film debut in “Crossroads” from 2002.  As the video goes on you see that different people are in fact cyborges, similar to thoes in the Terminator film series. Finally at the end of the  video when Britney and Guillermo, walk away from a press confrence, Guillermo puts his arm around Britney, he then looks back directly in the camera with his eyes lit up in yellow. This is a refrence to the end of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video.

Jive Records announced that an exclusive 30-second teaser would premiere on June 19, 2011, on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live and on Vevo simultaneously. The official video was revealed to premiere on MTV and Vevo on today. After the premiere the video will air hourly on MTV, and  and MTV Hits.

“I Wanna Go” follows Britney’s “Till The World Ends”, a track produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and “Billboard,” as well as co-written by Ke$ha.The song jumped to #3 on the Hot 100, becoming Spears’s 8th top-5 hit and her third of 2011.  (Following “Hold It Against Me” and the “S&M” remix with Rihanna) Till the World Ends” is Spears’s biggest radio hit in the US, peaking at number four with an audience of over 98.9 million, it even had a debut on the Latin Songs chart at #40 in May.  Only time will tell if “I Wanna Go” is as big of a hit for Britney as “Till The World Ends”, but for now just enjoy the cool video!

Britney Spears

“I Wanna Go”

From  Femme Fatale

Jive Records/JLG


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