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Brintey Spears: Psychologically Evaluated

Britney Spears

Briney Spears

This year has made a world of difference to both Britney Spear’s life and her career.  The release of Circus, Spears  has been able to go back to her pop music roots to help provide balance to what appeared to be an un balanced world. Her fun, seductive, and sexy songs have allowed fans to simultaneously forget her troubles, and ralley around  her, as they’ve helped her six album go platinum nearly 9 years after her debut.  Well it appears that the pop star’s personal life may have taken a turn for the better as well.  TMZ is reports that the singer’s attorneys are currently sitting down in hopes of helping Spears regain control as conservator of her estate from her Father Jamie. Such control was granted to Jamie Spears following her very public emotional break down in 2007.  It is said that Britney will undergo an psychological evaluation by a “Capacity Expert” to determine if she is able to regain the control of her personal affairs.  Hopefully things work out for the best.