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Justin Bieber’s House

by Smashley Nicole


The past couple days have been pretty eventful for not only the Biebs,but his friends as well. His good friend Lil Za, whos legal name is Xavier Smith has been arrested…Not once, but twice. Za was busted with possession of cocaine during the raid on Bieber’s home, he was almost a free bird, posting bail and getting ready to leave the jail when he then allegedly vandalized a jail phone. Pretty safe t osay Justin needs a better circle of friends.

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This story is still developing, but reports say that Justin Bieber’s home was raided early this morning, after authorities obtained a search warrant. They were allegedly searching for anything, including, but not limited to, eggs of the same brand used to egg his neighbors home, drugs, video footage of the incident, etc. The egging incident is a felony crime, as the damages are estimated at around $20,000.Incase you missed what started this; last week, Justin Bieber was accused of egging his neighbor’s home, the neighbor, and his terrified young daughter recorded a video, where you can hear the man arguing with what is assumed to be Bieber during the egg-throwing incident.  TMZ has a video of the incident which can be seen here.

According to the LA Times, sheriff’s deputies say that this video along with photos have been submitted as evidence in the case. If anything is found in the home that links Bieber to the egging felony, it is quite possible he will spend time in prison.


What are your thoughts? Do you think the Biebs is innocent or guilty?

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