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Blitz The Ambassador Releases Highly Anticipated Album “Stereotype” TODAY Aug 4, 2009

(August 04, 2009, New York, NY)
A mix of Hip Hop, rock, jazz, and world music, Blitz the Ambassador’s  Stereotype, is a bold, genre-bending journey down music’s darkest alleys. With live horns, strings, and percussion, Blitz the Ambassador and the Embassy Ensemble take hip hop on a world journey. Taking you from Blitz’ native land of Ghana, to his current residency in Brooklyn NY, Stereotype truly IS Hip Hop. If you were waiting for someone to take Hip Hop to the next level, your wait is over. Just listen for yourself.

Born and raised in Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador is taking hip hop to places it’s never been before.  From his unmatched Live Show, to musical versatility rarely seen in Hip Hop, Blitz is stretching the boundaries of what it means to be an emcee.

“I went for broke with this album,” says the Ghana-born MC and producer who counts Fela Kuti, Bjork, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Rakim among his influences. “I set out to change the way hip-hop approaches live instrumentation, to create synergy between all of the sounds on my personal playlist.”

But don’t take our word for it…

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: Stereotype is one of the best albums of the year.”

“rawiyaok, this is super cliche, but blitz the ambassador is making me think that maybe hip hop has a chance after all….w00t!”

“Blitz’ new album is what a classic should sound like. Don’t sleep on him, he’s the next best thing in hip-hop, period.

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