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Biggie Movie: More Revealed Dec 10, 2008

Biggie Movie- More Revealed Dec 10, 2008

Biggie Movie: More Revealed Dec 10, 2008

The Notorious extended trailer was recently released by “Fox Searchlight.”  In it you get a better look at all the players in Biggie’s life. Coincidently some of the supporting characters in Biggie’s story are some of the most influential figures of 1990s Hip Hop.

The trailer gives clues to how Big grew up, the impression he made on Puff, getting signed to Bad Boy, his womanizing between him, his Wife, Faith Evens, and Lil Kim, and the infamous relationship between him and  rapper 2Pac.  By the looks of this trailer this is turning out to be, not only a Bio movie, but a snap shot of an entire era.  Let us know what you think.  Watch the video and leave us more comments telling us how you feel about it.

Notorious: January 16th 2009 (Fox Searchlight)