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Beyonce Knowles Does Jon McLaughlin? Jun 25, 2009

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Clizbeats discovered something today that some Jon McLaughlin fans probably already know. When putting together his second album,Clizbeats featured artist, Jon McLaughlin performed a song called “Smack Into You.” The song was written, recorded and promoted to go with Jon’s Ok Now Album. It was a ballad written by Christopher “Trickey” Stewart and The-Dream that has a sound somewhere between  The Police and some old U2 song. It would have been the only song Jon did not write on the Ok Nowalbum. The song was eventually dropped from the project, and  It later surfaced on the deluxe edition of Beyonce Knowles’s I Am…Sasha Fierce. That is not a problem, in fact it is good to see a good song like that not going to waste. Beyonce’s version was changed from “Smack Into You” to “Smash Into You.”

But the problem is, when reading deeper into this, we saw another change took place as well.  The liner notes read as follows, (Knowles, Beyoncé/Harrell, Thaddis/Stewart, Christopher/Nash, Terius ) Now with that said, Beyonce had no previous association with the song prior to recording it for her album and changing the word ‘Smack’ to ‘Smash.’

Jon McLaughlin’s original bio for OK Now even quoted as follows “”Smack Into You” was written and produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. “[The song] is about falling head over heels in love, a combination of The  Police’s “‘Every Breath You Take’ and U2s ‘With or Without You’ melding acoustic guitar and McLaughlin’s piano to create a passionate undertow,”

Trickey and The-Dream  are properly credited in Beyonce’s liner notes with their real names. (Stewart, Christopher/Nash, Terius) However we wanted to share this with you because many Jon McLaughlin fans have expressed disappointment that his version was never released. It is also just some food for thought to hear the two different versions back to back. The songs are without a doubt extremley similar even though Beyonce is considered a co-writer of her version, We wanted to post this because many fans of both artists may find this interesting. referenced a September, 2008 online Q&A with Jon about the song, originally posted on his Island Records site.

Sep 6, 2008

Hey Jon –

So I read the Billboard article and saw that “Smack Into You” is no longer going to be on the new record – how come? I also noticed you took it off your myspace page…any chance it’ll come out some day?

Lauren 🙂