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Betty White Gets “Provocative” With Brit Smith And Timbaland!

Brit Smith And Betty White in “Provocative” Music Video Interscope Records

We go from wishing a  happy belated birthday a day late, to Pop superstar Britney Spears earlier, to introducing you to a brand new Brit on her birthday today! That Brit’s name is Brit Smith, a freshly signed act on Interscope Records from Connecticut. She actually  has been working her way through the industry for quite some time now, and has one of the most unique music business stories there is. If she looks familiar to you, that is because she is actually one half of the sister duo from a few years back named, Brit and Alex! (happy birthday to her twin sister Alex Smith as well!!) They were best known for their single, “Let It Go”, featured on 2008’s soundtrack to Step Up 2: The Street. During that time of development the girls were personally signed to Interscope Records by its founder, Jimmy Iovine. That quickly lead them to  working with high profile names in Atlanta’s music world. Some of them included the likes of Dallas Austin, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, and even a then up and coming music promoter named Scott “Scooter” Braun. (Now world famous for discovering and managing Justin Bieber)

The duo continued collaborating with song writers like Wayne Hector later in the UK, where “Let It Go” broke into the Pop charts. However their direction soon changed when they decided to part ways, allowing  Alex to peruse a college education. Despite this change, Brit was still bound and determined to make it as an artist, She decided to try  her luck solo, with a new image, and a new opportunity to introduce herself. In a couple short years she found herself on her own with a new deal on the Jive Records roster in 2010. During that time she changed her stage name to Matisse, (so not to be confused with that other Britney on Jive Records) and began working closely with well known  record exec, Larry Jackson. Larry has become known in the business for being mentored by music industry legend, Clive Davis, and even had a hand in producing superstars like Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson,

He used that knowledge to his advantage when he took Brit under his wing.  While doing so, he helped her work closely with the likes of Ryan Tedder, Ne-Yo, and other big names who were enthusiastically helping her develop her sound. She soon released her solo debut single, “Better Than Her” featuring Akon. It was an infectious club banger written and produced by Cash Money Records star, Kevin Rudolf! By the winter of 2010 the tune became a hot hit on the rise. It topped the Billboard Dance charts, and received high rotation at key major market radio stations, all without the aide of a music video to accompany it. However just as “Better Than Her” was beginning to get the momentum it needed,  label politics got in the way. Jive’s parent company, Sony Music Entertainment began the process of what would become a massive executive shift, ultimately resulting in Jive Records being completely absorbed into RCA by the summer of 2011.  At this time Brit found herself lost in the shuffle, and began to search for new opportunities once again.

After a while, those new opportunities came from some old friends. She found herself back home with the familiar faces at Interscope Records. Those friends both old and new, gathered to help give her the re-launch she deserved. She even reunited with Larry Jackson, who left Sony to team with Jimmy Iovine as VP of A&R.  Now Brit is back and better than ever! She recently releases her debut solo music video! It is for a fun Rhythmic Dance track called, “Provocative” featuring Will I Am. The song has a really fresh sound for Brit, that is produced by the one and only Timbaland! Tim is going to be helping guide her as one of the leaders on her new project. As you will be able to clearly see in the video, sometimes girls of all ages, do really just want to have fun. Watch how Brit and her crew are getting their dance on,  only to later being joined by 91 year old Golden Girl, Betty White! It is a sight not to be missed!! Stay tuned for more details on the now Interscope recording artist, Brit Smith, one of Timbaland’s new projects  to watch for 2014! Keep up the good work Brit! You are proof that persistence pays off!!

Brit Smith Featuring Will I Am


Interscope Records


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