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Behind The Music Returns With Pitbull

Behind The Music On VH1

Behind The Music On VH1

VH1 is preparing to debut a fresh crop of episodes from their iconic documentary show Behind The Music.  The first of these new episodes will feature Cuban/American Rap/Pop star Pitbull.  Below is a featured clip that was released by VH1 earlier today that shows Pitbull learning about the value of song writing after getting noticed by record executive Irv Gotti.  It really is a cool snap shot of why that show remains to be so credible after so many years.

Other stars to be featured in the up and coming new episodes will include Nas, Game, Brandy, T-Pain, and Akon.  The Premiere Episode featuring Pitbull is set on March 15th at 9PM 8 C.  Hope you enjoy the clip.

Pitbull Gets noticed by Irv Gotti as an extra in a DMX music video

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