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Beck Talks Pharrell Collaboration and the ‘Other’ Album

Beck “Morning Phase” Phonograph/Capitol Records

By Scott T. Sterling

This might be the year we get to see and hear both sides of Beck‘s musical duality on record, from his gentle singer-songwriter sound (personified by his watershed Sea Change album) to the beat-crazy art-funk of hits like “Where it’s At” and “Debra.”

With Beck only weeks away from releasing the lush Morning Phase on Feb. 25 (it’s positioned as something of a Sea Change sequel, utilizing many of the same players), a new interview in Billboard reveals hints of another full-length being prepared, likened to be closer to Beck’s popular 1996 collection, Odelay.

One of the most interesting nuggets of information in the interview is the news that among the slew of collaborations on the “other” funkier Beck album is none less than super-producer Pharrell Williams, still riding high on a massive 2013 where he worked with Robin Thicke and Daft Punk on huge records. He also walked away with the GRAMMY award for Producer of the Year at last month’s ceremony.

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