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Bad Boy’s New “Crazy Joint”: Marina Chello Jul 30, 2009

Bad Boy's New "Crazy Joint": Marina Chello Jul 30, 2009

For everyone who has yet to hear, Bad Boy Records has added a new pop singer to the list of the many things they’re gearing up to release in the near future.  She is the latest Clizbeats featured artist Marina Chello. Marina is the first artist to be signed directly by Bad Boy Entertainment president Harve Pierre, for his new imprint label, Crazy Joint which is joint ventured with Bad Boy and Atlantic Records for distribution. The new label and Marina are off to a great start.  Leading the way for Marina and Harve is her heart felt ballad, “Sideline.” It truly stands out as something fresh.  While the song doesn’t carry some of the Diddy based Bad Boy imagery we’ve grown accustom to, it is very clear that quality was put first when making this record.  If given the chance Marina Chello and Crazy Joint could be the next step of evolution and diversity for the next generation of Bad Boy Entertainment.

Clizbeats talked with both Marina Chello and Have Pierre to find out all the details Marina and Harve about her new album “What’s Done is Done,” and the development of their new label, “Crazy Joint” that will be published soon.  Until then, Check out Marina Chello’s recently release music video for “Sideline!!”

Marina Chello


(Crazy Joint/Bad Boy/Atlantic Records)