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B.O.B.: Hip Hop’s New Rock Star

bobby ray

Clizbeats has been keeping an eye on Bobby “B.O.B.,” Ray here at the office since before he got noticed for his XXL Magazine cover with fellow freshman rappers, Charles Hamilton, and Clizbeats Featured Artist, Asher Roth.  Bobby has been getting buzz on the hip hop mixtape since the release of 07,s Hi My Name is B.O.B. His blend of conscious perspective, entertaining presentation, and layered musical skills, brought Bobby to of the line of hip hops most anticipated new talents.  His well seasoned talent and strides for musical maturity, has molded him into an industry trend setter in the making. From a blogger’s glance,  21 year old Bobby Ray, has been able to wheeled the kind of fandom, notoriety, and intelligence that that today’s music executives are dreaming of.  The best part is, we the community of music lovers  will reap all the benefits. Bobby “B.O.B.”Ray could very well be one of the few that will help plot the course of hip hop music for a new generation.

Check out his break out single “Nothing On You” featuring producer/singer/song writter, Bruno Mars.

Bobby “B.O.B” Ray F/Bruno Mars

“Nothing on You”

Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records