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Anjulie makes fearless pop music.

 On her debut album for Universal Republic Records, the sultry and sassy singer-songwriter speaks her mind over irresistible electro beats and R&B grooves with a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll attitude. She’s far from your average musical vixen. Rather than relying on hit-makers, she personally wrote every song on her debut and hand-picked the producers.  As a result, her album is locked and loaded with unbridled, in-your-face lyrics, seductive come-ons, and swagger to spare. Meet your new favorite provocateur…

 Growing up in suburban Toronto, Anjulie knew what she wanted to do from a very young age. Upon getting a VHS of Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope tour, she became obsessed with music. That obsession led to her discovery of Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Missy Elliot. However, it was a fellow Canadian who proved most influential for the starlet-in-training.

 “When Alanis Morrissette’s Jagged Little Pill came out, that was my shit,” she exclaims with a smile. “She was writing her own songs, and I related to her so much. That was extremely inspirational. Now, I’m being confessional from my own perspective as a writer.”

 She first tapped into some of that energy while fronting a punk band in high school. However, her vision became refined upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2009.  Becoming exposed to the city’s burgeoning club scene, Anjulie embraced the sounds of electronic music and incorporated them into her very own style.

 She goes on, “My music is like global alternative pop. It’s up-tempo, but it’s aggressive. I seamlessly transition from electro to techno to rock, but it all comes from the same place. It’s a new beginning.”

 As she cultivated this sound, Anjulie signed to Universal Republic Records and found a home to be completely creative and uninhibited. While working on her album, she cemented a career as an in-demand songwriter, penning tunes for the likes of Chris Brown, Laidback Luke, Fefe Dobson, and

Cassie. She also landed high-profile song placements on The Vampire Diaries, Air Canada flights, and MTV’s The Hills and The City.  At the same time, Anjulie properly invaded the pop culture landscape with her anthemic debut single, “Brand New Bitch” in spring 2011.

 Over slippery synths and production from Laidback Luke, her declaration of independence sizzles with hyper-infectious flavor. “It’s partly about this guy I broke up with, but it’s really about taking control of your own life,” reveals the singer. “I got some backlash about the word ‘bitch’, but I feel like women can reclaim that word. I mean it in a very empowering way.”

 Another empowering effort is the song’s follow-up, “Stand Behind the Music”. It’s a mega-catchy dance floor firestarter that’s bound to get audiences worldwide moving and singing along.

 “It’s an autobiographical call-to-arms,” affirms Anjulie. “It’s not just about music. Stand behind whatever you believe in and stay true to who you are. I’ve fought my way through the industry. I’ve gone through a lot to get here, and in the end it’s all about the music. This song epitomizes that.”

 Elsewhere on the album, she gets even rawer with the fiery and fun “Sex Electric”, while “Last Night” is a revealing narrative where our heroine “broke into your Range Rover and set fire all in the name of love.” It’s a rousing and raucous rollercoaster of a record.

 Anjulie enlisted talent from every corner of the globe to realize this vision. A-list producers Swedish House Mafia, Benny Benassi and Swizz Beats also provide their stamp to different tracks. However, this is decidedly Anjulie’s vision.

 “I’m always interested in being disarming,” she declares. “I want to find the truth and draw it out in other people. I think that’s what separates me… I’m not afraid to go there.”

 Once you go there with Anjulie, you may never want to come back.


“Brand New Bitch”

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