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Andre 3000 Was The “One And Only Choice” To Play Jimi Hendrix In New Movie

Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

Andre 3000 had one of the biggest trending stories on the net last week when a clip of him performing as Jimi Hendrix in the forthcoming Hendtrix bio pic hit the web. As you can see in the clip, Andre does a great job morphing into the role, and now thanks to a new interview about the film we know why.  Producer Danny Bramson discussed the Outkast rapper’s dedication to the role with Billboard, and elaborated on what it took for him to learn how to play guitar left handed.

“I found a really patient teacher and put together a regimen for Andre when he came out to Los Angeles. He sat in a small studio, six hours a day, putting in dedication [to play left-handed].”

“His guitarmanship had to carry the idea of grace and fluidity. John [Ridley, director and writer] and I declared that we didn’t want to have the camera cropped on his face and not the guitar. He kept working in a rehearsal room throughout the production.”

It is said that Andre was the “one and only choice” to play this massive role. The Jimi Hendrix bio pic, Jimi: All Is by My Side will be screened at South By South West this week. Check him out in  in the sneak peak below.

Jimi: All Is by My Side (promo clip)

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