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Amy Winehouse: Posthumous Record Sales Soar With Anticipation Of New Music To Follow

Back To Black, the break through Gammy winning album from Amy Winehouse has seen a posthumous resurgence only hours after she was found dead in her London home on Saturday.  The album, which features the critical and commercial hits “Rehab” and “You Know I’m No Good”  re-entered the charts reaching number 59, in the few short hours between the announcement of the singer’s death and the closure of the weekly chart data collection.   As a result Back To Black’s posthumous numbers are expected to grow in the coming week.  Some are even speculating that it will top next week’s chart.

Winehouse’s death naturally lead to discussion of her musical catalog and the proper way to handle any previously unreleased material.    Phil Alexander, editor-in-chief at Mojo, told the Daily Telegraph: “It is inevitable that her death will elevate her reputation and that there will be a third record released.”

Though specific details regarding the state of  what would be a third record remain to be seen, the instant demand for her music  makes some kind of release natural to assume.  Reports indicate Winehouse had been recording demos for what was intended for a third record durring a recent trip to Saint Lucia.     While there are few other details about her third album  at this time, a duet featuring classic crooner Tony Bennett  called “Body & Soul,” is an anticipated example of new music to come.