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American Idol Skyrockets Aerosmith Album Sales


American Idol Logo discussed yesterday, an old  prediction it’s interactive component Fox411 was told about Steven Tyler’s involvement in American Idol.  Fox News states that Richard Rushfield, author of American Idol: The Untold Story told Fox 411 back on January 28th that Tyler’s work as an Idol judge would boost the profile of his band Aerosmith.  “Just like we’ve seen in the past, when people appear on ‘Idol,’ it gives their sales a bit of a jump,” Rushfield told Fox411.  Boy was he right!  Yesterday the numbers came in to show via Nielsen Sound Scan, that Aerosmith sales are up 260 percent, with collections like Aerosmith’s  Big Hits leading the way.

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford was also far from surprised.  He told the Boston Globe last week that he also expected the boost.  “It’s going to expand our audience, for sure,” he said. “People who would never think about seeing Aerosmith might change their minds after seeing him on TV.”

It should be noted that before he made his debut on the show in November, many in the music industry saw Tyler’s joining the show as a bad move.  Aerosmith band mate, Joe Perry was notably dismissive, and Kid Rock was quoted as saying, “the stupidest thing [Tyler has] ever done in his life.”  Perhaps they will be singing a different tune now that the sales figures have come in.  Areosmith’s 1998 #1 hit “I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing.” was listed at number 22 on the ITunes sales chart, with their 1973 staple, “Dream On” also breaking in at the number 77 spot.  Neither song had any presence on the chart at the end of January.