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Alicia Madison Scores Big With DJs Thanks To Remix Of “I Need Your Love”

Alicia Madison "I Need Your Love" Tweak Spin

Alicia Madison “I Need Your Love” Tweak Spin

Howell, New Jersey Dance/Pop singer Alicia Madison was first profiled in Clizbeats’ Indie Artist Spotlight back in June of 2011 as a new artist on the rise. Since then she has been gaining more momentum, thanks to the recent buzz growing around her latest single, “I Need Your Love.”  The song, which is collaboration with DJ Cova And The House Alliance, was first released digitally back in October of 2012. However, the track really began to take off after the song was remixed by Lenny B in January. Lenny B, also known as Lenny Bertoldo and Sylvane, is a Nashville based DJ/remixer who has begun to get noticed for his remixes of songs from blockbuster artists like Kelly Clarkson, Adele and One Direction, just to name a few. His extended mix of Alicia’s “I Need Your Love” has since helped breathe new life in the song’s presence on various Dance radio/internet radio outlets around the world. Below are just some of the reactions from various DJs who are more than excited to play Alicia Madison’s new remix.

Tyrone D Sterling of – “ Wicked Track man!!”

Mike Straccialano – Montreal,Canada – “ Cool track.. it’s going to get some spins”

Kevin Denault – LESTIRR – Fort-Conlonge,Canada – “ I like this and will play it in my shows”

Shayne Hunt – Club ENVY – “ Lenny B Radio Vocal mix for me”

Michael Gesdorf – Wallenhorst, Germany –“ Lenny B Club Vocal is Hot”

Fabrizio Ganadu – Sassari, Italy – “ Lenny B Club Vocal for me”

Nikolaev Alex – Tokyo, Japan – “ Lenny B Club Vocal is NICE!”

James Napier – TANGIER- Houston,TX – “ Vocals make this record.. Vocals are the forefront”

Sherwin Charles – Brooklyn DJ Factory – “ Lenny B DUB mix is GREAT – 10/10”

The Lenny B remix of “I Need Your Love” was officially released by Tweak Spin late last month on ITunes. It’s success is making more and more people ask the question, who the heck is this Alicia Madison singing on the track? Clizbeats is proudly able to help answer this frequently asked question of many for all those who continue to discover her music!  Alicia is a singer from New Jersey who dreamed about performing from a very young age. She sang regularly at events for school, church and various fund raisers.

Those experiences led to an opportunity for her to sing the national anthem at New Jersey’s Blue Claw stadium at age 16. Not too long after that Alicia has began singer with several wedding bands throughout locally, as well as performing in various clubs.    While still attending high school, Alicia travelled to New York City every week for voice training with  songwriter, Tina Shafer and acting coach, Caroline Thomas. When she was training, working and going to school, Alicia also found time to help with fundraising events, some of which included working with many soap opera stars.  Several

people from ABC’s All My Children took such a liking to her, that they invited her to play an extra in two episodes of the show. That was her biggest TV experience at the time, standing side by side with acclaimed soap opera actress Susan Lucci. From that point on Alicia became that much more determined to stay connected to the entertainment business. In college Alica got an internship at the New York offices of Warner Bros. Records. It was there where she met Tommy Page, a former Warner Bros. recording artist turned music executive. (Now The Publisher Of Billboard Magazine)T At the time Tommy was VP of A&R at Warner Bros. He has worked with the likes of Ashley Tisdale, Charice, Iyaz amd many others. One day Tommy got to hear Alicia sing and was impressed with her talent. He introduced her to Gary Salzman of Big Management who is working closely with her on her current projects today.

The spark that has started with “I Need Your Love” is just the beginning of the good things to come from her relationship with Gary. Alicia recently teamed up with the Australian DJ/producers for a new song, similarly titled “Your Love.” She also recently contributes vocals on the song, “Reckless” featuring  rapper/actor, Ice T, by Central European DJ, Dehasse. There is also talk of Alicia possibly appearing on another track called “Shine Bright” , coming soon from Sony Music out of Spain! Keep an eye out for more from this awesome vocalist, who undoubtedly injects the right amount of soul into the EDM world.

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“I Need Your Love” (Lenny B Remix)

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