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   (Sept. 8, 2016 – New York, NY) The powerful message of Alessia Cara’s current single “Scars To Your Beautiful” has been chosen as the lynchpin song for her partnership with I AM THAT GIRL, the national movement that works to inspire girls to love, express, and be who they are.

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Alessia premieres the video today for IATG’s “I AM YOU” campaign, which reinforces the important message that while we all have our own unique stories, we are all connected by the universal truths that make us human. The “I AM YOU” campaign features a musical soundbed from “Scars To Your Beautiful” and features a voiceover from Alessia herself.  Also today, Alessia & IATG announce their partnership on a new “Scars To Your Beautiful” curriculum and conversation kit, inspired by the song, downloadable at:

As announced in the dynamic new “Scars To Your Beautiful” Conversation Kit, Alessia and IATG “have come together to create a curriculum and a safe space to be exactly who you are (instead of who you think you’re supposed to be).”  The curriculum centers around five primary interactive meeting topics, each cued by a lyric from “Scars”:

  • “Maybe We Have Made Her Blind” – The Standard Of Beauty
  • “She Has Dreams To Be An Envy” – Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy
  • “Let Me Be Your Mirror” – Reflecting The Kindness We Show Others Onto Ourselves
  • “The World Could Change Its Heart” – Community
  • “Scars To Your Beautiful” – You Are Enough

“The world sometimes tells us that we shouldn’t be happy with ourselves if we don’t fit certain standards of beauty,” Alessia said earlier this summer. “‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ is my reminder that beauty isn’t only one look, shape, size, or color. Beauty comes in all forms – tangible and intangible – inside and out.  We need to recognize that.”

Of the partnership, Alessia commented, “I think I AM THAT GIRL isn’t only great for girls’ self-confidence, but it’s also a safe place for them to build relationships with each other. It’s incredibly necessary and I’m so excited to be a part of it.”

“Everything Alessia Cara has put out into the world personifies what I AM THAT GIRL stands for,” said IATG founder Emily Greener. “Our messages align perfectly. She is the real deal and we are so excited to have her involved with our community.”


  • I AM THAT GIRL (IATG) is shifting girl culture, raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world (and how the world treats them).
  • We create a space that’s safe for girls to be who they are instead of who they think they are “supposed” to be.
  • We are a peer-to-peer community of girls who come together to have honest conversations about things that matter, to say the things out loud that we are all thinking and feeling yet no one is talking about.
  • We have over 230 local chapters meeting every week across the globe (20 countries + 90% US). And over a million girls online across our social channels.
  • Girls get 3,000 messages a day telling them what they are NOT, we exist to spread messages celebrating who they ARE; seeing that in themselves and inspiring that in others.
  • We are living in an epidemic of self-doubt, and so we address the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of girls.