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Hot 97 DJ Insults Nicki Minaj And Wrecks Summer Jam Concert

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2012

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2012

New York’s Hip Hop community is likely to still be recovering from disappointment after attendees of  Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert last night.  Fans were forced to try and enjoy the show without being able to see the headliner they paid to see.   That headliner, Nicki Minaj didn’t end up going on stage because  she was the target of on stage insults from the radio station’s controversial host, Peter Rosenberg.

Moments before her performance, Rosenberg went on stage and said that Nicki better not perform that “wack ass Starships” song.  Lil Wayne, president and flagship artist to Minaj’s label group YMCMB, was listening to the concert via simulcast on his private jet that was landing in New York City at the time that the insults were said.  After hearing the insult, Wayne made an executive decision, declaring that Nicki and all other YMCMB artists were not to perform at the concert that night.

As it turns out, The staple hip hop radio station is even more responsible for  Wayne’s decision than what was originally thought. exclusively learned that Wayne had originally called the station, saying that if Rosenberg apologized to Nicki on stage, she would continue with the show, and perform for the eager crowd as planned.  Rosenberg did not apologize.

Those attending concert fans are the station’s customer, and this incident could be the cause of a political rift between the radio station, and a very influential record label group. Rosenberg’s comments could cause a ripple effect that is truly bad for business.  Their across town rivals over at Power 105.1 FM.  After hearing all of this, you will hear how seriously bad a move this was.

Power 105.1’s Breakfast  Club Contextualizes The incident For Listeners

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