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ABC’s Nightline Discusses Hip Hop And Marketing With Steve Stout

ABC's NightLine

ABC's NightLine

Last night ABC’s Nightline spotlit a phenomenon that has been a steadily growing  force in America’s Pop culture.  That Phenomenon is Hip Hop’s ability to appeal to, embody, and be born out of the culturally and racially  blended youth of today’s America. To many folks, fan and industry exec alike, this concept is nothing new.  This time however, by interviewing Hip Hop rooted ad executive Steve Stout, we were provided a focussed look into how Hip Hop has transformed itself into an essential element  marketing a series of high profile products.

Though it may seem obvious when discussing the subject of media marketing out right, Stout’s insight in the piece allows us to take a second look at from from a different angle.  Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of all of this is,  Stout showing that if done with an educated mind that understand and appreciates Hip Hop, the genre doesn’t sell out, the product advertised  is received more authentically, and public accepts that brand as part of the Hip Hop culture they’ve grown to love.  He also shows, that having that idea is easy, but pulling it off is not.  Take a look and see if you share our same wavelength of music geekery that eats this stuff up.

Some cool examples discussed in the piece include Justin Timberlake’s “I’m Loving It” single released in 2003, Chris Brown’s “Forever” used to sell Wrigley Double mint gum released 2008, and Sean “Diddy” Combs’ innovative approach in marketing Ciroc Vodka.  Watch the feature below.

The Tanning Of America Feature about Steve Stout


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