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A Sneak Peak Of Robin Thicke In “The Real Husbands Of Hollywood”

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Video Still Image From The Real Husbands Of Hollywood Preview

Friend to, Robin Thicke has been making news this week as BET has begun releasing previews of his new (Un) Reality Show, The Real Husbands Of Hollywood.  We saw Robin when he came to town at the end of August.  In addition to taking time out to pass  his greetings along to our family, and make sure we said hi to our mom on his behalf, he did take a moment to fill us in on the show.

As you will see, The Real Husbands Of Hollywood stars him, and Kevin Hart.  Not seen in the provided clip below, the show also stars the ultimate husband of Hollywood, Mariah Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon.  The comedically fake reality show plays on the same joke that Robin has made in the past, about  his wife, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol star Paula Patton becoming more successful than him.  Now on this show, and teamed up with the likes of Kevin Hart, and Nick Cannon, the joke is taken to a whole new level.

It looks like he and the other guys had a lot of fun doing it, and we’re betting that fans are going to get to see a whole new side to Mr. Thicke.  Check it out below and see what you think.  BET’s The Real Husbands Of Hollywood is currently set to hit the air in 2013.

The Real Husbands Of Hollywood (Promo)

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