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A Second Look At Pink’s Sexy Single Debut

Pink Grammy Pic 2

Pink’s Funhouse record could very well have been called  “wild ride” after it erupted on the scene  in 2008.    Starting off with lead single “S0 What, and the clearly campy acknowledgment of her break up with her husband Cary Hart, Funhouse spawned 5 international singles that allowed the singer to accumulate world wide sales figures of well over 1 million copies and a live stage show that could rival cirque de solei

That impeccable and show was  exhibited for the whole world to see during her performance of her single number 6 “Glitter In The Air” at this years Grammy Awards, which was recently released.  Below is a link to the jaw dropping performance in case you missed it, and want to become more familiar with the song.  If you did in fact already see it, this is a reminder to check it out again.  It’s quite impressive on many levels

Click Image to view video Pink, Grammy Performance 2010