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A Look At The Hit Making Touch Of Mr. 305

Pitbull and Nayer cropped

Since his career began in 2003, Rapper Pitbull has been able to continually use his Latino American influenced Hip Hop career to become one of the most active performers in Pop music.  He essentually has evolved himself into being a one man Latin invasion of mainstream Pop for a 2011.  All one needs to do is to look at his impact on the current music scene to see this for yourself.  The heat from hits “Give Me Everything (Tonight)” “Hey Baby  (Drop It To The Floor)” and his current single “Rain Over Me”, has his current album Planet Pit riding High. While he has worked with a diverse array of rhythmic Pop stand outs like Ne-Yo, T-Pane, and Chris Brown, he also appeared to quite deliberately work with two of the most popular Latino stars of the current biz, the now separated husband and Wife Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.  Pit’s presence helps fill out the feel good vibe of the lead single to JLo’s current album Love?’s lead single “On The Floor” while Marc is prominently featured in the rapper’s current single, “Rain Over Me”.

In addition to Anthony and JLo, the natural swag of Pitbull has injected a boost into the career of a lessor know Latina performer named Nayer.  You may recall her name as one of the featured artists on Give Me Everything Tonight.  Well now she will join Pitbull once again, this time with him serving as her label head. Nayer is the first singer other than Pitbull to sign to his Mr.305 Imprint label.  It’s early to say whether she too will be a Pitbull like smash, but if  Pit uses his influence to bottles his formula for success and morphs it into a female version Nayer will be off to a wonderful start..  Especially since her and Pit have appeared in videos and photos playing the ambiguously inferred role of couple.  Check out her debut single below.

Nayer Featuring Pitbull & Mohombi

Suave (Kiss Me)

Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/J/RCA Records

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Pitbull Featuring Nayer

“Pearly Gates”

Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/J/RCA Records

Pitbull Featuring Marc Anthony

“Rain Over Me”

Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/J/RCA Records

Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo Afrojack  & Nayer

“Give Me Everything (Tonight)”

Mr. 305/Polo Grounds/J/RCA Records

Jennifer Lopez

“On The Floor”

Island Records/IDJMG