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A Look At The Astonishing Success Of Austin Mahone’s “Say Somethin'”

Austin Mahone "Say Somethin'" Chase/Universal Republic Records

Austin Mahone "Say Somethin'" Chase/Universal Republic Records

Today’s music world is filled with aspiring artist after aspiring artist who, thanks to success stories like internet born mega star Justin Bieber, are chasing after their own chance at stardom.  As a result, we in the press/development side of things regularly get bombarded with a variety of videos that show artists at all different stages of experience, development, and exposure.  In many cases, if an artistis good enough, that’s when a record label steps in, shaping that person’s proven raw talent into a marketable package that then ignites an explosion.  In other rarer cases, the artist has all of that already, and has built the explosion on their own.  When this happens  the established world of major record labels scramble  to catch up.  Austin Mahone is one of those cases.

Like Bieber before him, Mahone began posting videos on Youtube and in his case, popularity followed very quickly.   Reports indicate that Mahone began to experiment on Youtube in 2010 with his friend   Alex Constancio.  Those experiments must have ended positively  for him because he ended up starting his own channel in January of last year.  Like many artists, he attempted to establish his Youtube channel by covering songs that her knew people liked.  Unlike the average Youtube artist, Austin received a freakish amount of hits.

Following the release of Justin Bieber’s Christmas album Under The Mistletoe, Austin created his own cover version of the album’s lead single “Mistletoe”.  It amazingly out ranked Bieber’s official version, and the remarkable success lead to the young teen  becoming the youngest art to appear on Billbard’s “Social 50” chart, where he peaked at number 28.  He, and those around him must have taken this as the sign of a gifted opportunity, because when he made arrangements to release his one original music, he pulled out all stops.

Mahone’s  unusually high social media presence naturally lead to grabbing the attention of mainstream media as well.  His well established online popularity allowed Austin to win over  Philadelphia Pop music station Q 102, who invited him to open their Springle Ball concert on May 22nd.  This lead to a similar show opportunity in Chicago, and an interview with nationally syndicatelead Radio show, Elvis Duran And The Morning show.

While fostering his online fame and making major market radio appearances, it  clearly became a no brainer to start prepping to release his own original music to capitalize on the situation. Before long Mahone released “Say Somethin” to has to date grown into a social media community that now includes over a million fans on Twitter, and like anything else in his still young career, it has become a huge hit.

“Say Somethin”‘s  lyric video now has over 5 million views.   This superstar like momentum made Mahone one of the hottest new commodities in the industry out right now, and within a matter of weeks placed him in a high profile major label bidding war.  When the smoke cleared the Winners were Universal Republic and its brand new Imprint, Chase Records.

Mahone and company came agreed to a comprehensive mainstream record deal that  reportedly includes profit sharing in merchandising, publishing, and licensing,  as well the traditional costs of recording the music.  It is said that his agreement is worth something between $3 to $4 million.  Will this amazing streak of luck ever run out for the kid that fans have dubbed, “he second coming of Bieber”?  Well, of course with anything, time will tell, but it certainly hasn’t slowed down yet.

While the ink is still drying on Austin’s multi-million dollar contract, Universal Republic  released “Say Somethin”s official music video on September 11th.  It already has nearly 2 million views.  It looks like his wild ride is only just begining.  Congratulations Austin.  What will you do next?

Austin Mahone

“Say Somethin”

Chase/Universal Republic Records