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A Look At Robin Thicke’s Classic R&B Vibe In His “All TIed Up” Music Video

Video Still From Robin Thicke's "All Tied Up Music Video

Video Still From Robin Thicke's "All Tied Up Music Video

As his duties as singer and coach on ABC’s Duets continues to bring him into the homes of millions across the country, friend to, Robin Thicke has made sure to also stay busy promoting his acclaimed 5th album Love After War.  The latest boost to that promotion came on June 7th with Star Trak Records’ release of the music video for his latest single “All Tied Up”. It carries the signature suave swag that he coined with his breakthrough single from 2007 “Lost Without You”.  In true Robin Thicke style, he even cast a music video love interest that very much resembles his movie star wife Paula Patton in a very cinematic way.

All Tied Up has yet another stand out fact about that is sure to grab the attention of true R&B fans that have yet to hear about it.  To help craft the tune, Thicke and long time production partner Pro J were joined by the co-production of R&B’s queen of Hip Hop soul, Mary J. Blige.  The track and video are a great example of how an artist can capture the essence of work well on previous albums or even musical eras and escort it into music’s present day, while also assuredly  leaving an indelible musical finger print all their own.  We feel it is a song and video that is not to be missed, so we wanted to take a moment to share it with all of you.  Enjoy the video below.

Robin Thicke

“All Tied Up”

From: Love After War

Star Trak/Geffen/Interscope Records