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A Closer Look At Katy Perry’s Box Office Performance


Katy Perry Part Of Me Imagine Entertainment/InSurge/MTV Films/Paramount Pictures

One of the biggest music news stories of the week so far came from Pop star Katy Perry because of the release of the box office numbers for her feature film bio documentary, Katy Perry: Part Of Me. The movie grossed $11.2 million over four days through on 1,271 screens.  For comparative context, it is important to note that the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, bio documentary earned $29.5 million and went on to make $73 million as the top earning feature film documentary of all time ,according to data collected by

Although, Katy and Biebier’s films have more in common stats indicate that  Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds concert film grossing $31 million on only 683 screens after it was released in February in 2008.  Perhaps the release date would make all the difference in Katy’s case.  While it is pretty clear that no one can dispute the popularity of Justin Bieber, like Miley’s film, Never Say Never was also released in February, far away from the common flow of average summer blockbusters.

As a result, perhaps Katy’s drastic number difference has less  specifically to do with her, and more to do with several circumstances related to the film’s release happening at once.  Just like anything else in entertainment, alot of product momentum is achieved by timing.  Out of all of the movies mentioned Katy’s was the only one to be released in the middle of the summer.  This means that Katy and crew were forced to contend with Columbia’s freshly rebooted The Amazing Spide-rMan and the debut feature film from Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, Ted.

Naturally, this was going to be stiff competition for any film to go against.  It’s likely that Katy ended up competing during this tough time because she didn’t have a whole lot of choice.  Much of the movie chronicles Perry’s success, which in many ways apexed with the release of her Teenage Dream The Complete Confession album. However, despite the album’s  success, it is also important to note  that the album was a special edition of the previously released Teenaged Dream , that means that some version of the album has been circulating since August of 2010.  Therefore, producers could have ran a much higher risk of losing the audience’s attention, if the music that the film discussed didn’t seem current and relevant.  The Katy Perry marketing machine was already running steady for a while.  If producers waited on the release of the film, that machine would have no choice to slow down in order to not gether to be  overexposed and still remain relevant.  That would then also cause a trickled down side effect of the music in the film not matching the music that would have to be released to promote it.

Thusly, we continue to give the movie and its star a lot of credit.  If you haven’t seen it yet, we’d like to encourage you to take a chance with it and see what you think.   We’ve provided the film’s trailer below.

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Imagine Entertainment/InSurge/MTV Films/Paramount Pictures