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50 Cent Mocks Autistic Teen At Airport: Family Ready To Sue

50 Cent/Andrew Farrell image via TMZ

Although he runs his mouth so much that it’s hardly news anymore, rapper 50 Cent has gotten himself in a special kind of trouble this time. As you may have seen yesterday, 50 went viral by using his phone to tape himself taunting a 19 year-old airport worker named Andrew Farrell. We watched said video, and based on his sheer disrespect of private people just doing their jobs in a public space, he really needs to learn a sense of boundaries and humility. That said, there was something deeper at play in his ridiculously immature video.

Andrew, who Mr. Cent mocked as an oddly behaving janitor at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport, is autistic. As seen in the video, 50 obnoxiously accused the 19 year old of being high. However, TMZ confirmed with Andrew’s stepdad Ken Kramer, that his characteristics and behavior are consistent with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and the fact that he has a hearing condition. Kramer went on to say that Andrew has never smoked or drank any substances in his life, and that he tried to avoid the rapper because of severe social anxiety. He didn’t even know who 50 Cent was.

The only thing preventing Andrew Farrell’s family from suing 50 Cent immediately is the cost of legal fees. Kramer said they’d drop the suit if the rapper donates $1million to Andrew’s go fund me page and makes a face to face apology. So far 50 has written the letter below.


image via TMZ

image via TMZ