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20 Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios Taps Music Stars For “Epic” Animated Feature

Blue Sky Studios Logo

Blue Sky Studios Logo

20 Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios have announced their plans for a new animated movie by the name of Epic. has nailed down an exclusive about its all-star voice cast. After taking a look at it, we’ve discovered that a good portion of those all-stars are also all-stars in the music world as well.

Those big names include Pit Bull, Beyonce, and Steven Tyler.  Beyonce is listed to voice a character by the name of Queen Tara, Pitbull will play Bufo, and Tyler has the role of a character known as Nim Galuu.  The story is described as the tale of a teenage girl magically transported into this secret universe deep inside the forest.  While there she will be forced to join up with a team of whimsical characters to save both the secret world, and the world we know.

The feature will be directed by Chris Wedge, who is already known as a success for his work on the animated hit, Ice Age.  Epic is currently set to be released on May 24th 2013.  We’re pretty excited to see what they come up with. Are you?